Sylvia (right) receives her certificate from executive member Steve Irwin

Jack (left) receives his certificate from executive member Steve Irwin

          Central Alberta Mountain Club

Lifetime Membership Awards

The Club Executive may in its sole discretion award one lifetime membership per year to a member that has provide outstanding and long term service to the club.

The criteria for selection are: 

  • Any member in good standing may nominate any member or previous member that meets the criteria providing the details in writing or email to the Club Executive
  • Only one award shall be given in any given year.
  • Award may not be awarded in any given year.
  • Nominees must have
    • Served at least 3 terms on the Club Executive.
    • Been or currently are a trip coordinator for at least 5 years.
    • Contributed in other ways to the Club (ie lead and taught various courses for the Club).​
  • The vote must be unanimous by the Club Executive.
  • Award will be presented at the meeting held in April.
  • ​Awards will receive a lifetime membership, a certificate and be listed on the website as an awardee.

Lifetime  Membership Awardee 2017

Sylvia Baran

Sylvia Baran has been chosen as this years winner of the Lifetime Membership Award and has certainly earned that honor through her hard work and dedication to the club over the past 16 years. Sylvia has held many positions on the executive over the years, including stepping up mid term when a President had to step down early, and has been instrumental in contributing her wisdom to guiding the club to it's current successful state.
 Sylvia is our liaison with the Adopt-a-Trail program and has coordinated and participated in the annual clean-up of Tuff Puff. She was also our representative with the Alberta Hiking Association and held a board position while we were members of the organization. She has coordinated numerous trips over the years, is famous for her ability to make it snow on any backpack anytime of the year and participated in many more. Sylvia has also presented at various club meetings sharing her backpack recipes and tips to help make trips more enjoyable.  Thank You for your contributions and Congratulations on earning this award!

Lifetime  Membership Awardee 2014
Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was unanimously chosen by the executive as the very deserving recipient for this year’s lifetime membership award. Steve has been instrumental in strengthening and expanding the Central Alberta Mountain Club. He has held many executive positions. By developing  and implementing the weekend long Trip Coordinators’ course, initially with Jack Burns and then with his wife, Sandy, we have the benefit of many new qualified trip coordinators. This has allowed the schedule for the season to be completed with many levels of hikes, scrambles and backpacking trips. Steve has also coordinated many unforgettable trips. His trademark is to usually go off the beaten path and to include many adventuresome elements.  And who can forget Steve’s unique sense of humour and warm hospitality?

Steve dedicated his expertise and many hours to the revision of the constitution, bylaws and procedures and to the up-dating and simplifying the club website.  Thanks to Steve, our club has really benefited from his contributions as a key member and can look forward to many​ more memorable adventures.


Lifetime  Membership Awardee 2013

Jack Burns

Since the inception of the Club, Jack Burns has been an active and important member in the successful development of the Club, so much so that Jack was awarded from among several candidates the first lifetime membership in the Club this past April.

As President, Vice President and Trips Chair, Jack has provided executive leadership to the Club.  As one of our most active leaders, Jack has coordinated innumerable trips into the Rockies, both day trips and backpacking.  He organized and coordinated trips to the American South West for Club members.  Jack was instrumental in developing and implementing education for CAMC members.  He was a major contributor to the weekend long trip coordinators training as well as planning and running map and compass and winter survival courses.  His contributions to the CAMC have been many and important.