Central Alberta Mountain Club



The Central Alberta Mountain Club holds three meetings each year which are in March, April and October. Each meeting is held at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre on the second Wednesday of the month and starts at 7:30 pm.   

Trip Sign-Up

For our summer activities during our April meeting the trip coordinators will talk about the details of their trips and answer any questions.    Sign-up will be open the following day by contacting the trip coordinator by email or phone (information is on the Trip Schedule).  The trip coordinator will confirm if you are on the trip or put on the waitlist (typically within a week).  For our winter activities this same process will happen during our October meeting with sign-up also open on the following day.


We have set up a  group called Central Alberta Mountain Club on Facebook.  If you would like to join this group simply search for it on Facebook and initiate a request to join the group.  


Ticks are small spider-like animals (arachnids) that bite to fasten themselves onto the skin and feed on blood. While most ticks don't cause serious health problems, it’s important to remove a tick immediately to avoid potential infection or diseases and submit it for testing. In Alberta, there is a tick surveillance program which helps to assess the Lyme disease risk to Albertans and even their pets.   Click here for more information on ticks and the submit-a-tick program.

Mountain Skills and Trip Coordination Course

The next course will be held in May of 2019. The dates are Tuesday, May 28th from 6-9 pm; Friday, May 31st from 7 pm to Sunday, June 2nd in the late afternoon or early evening. The first night is in Red Deer and is covers maps and organization. The rest of the time is in the Canmore area and most of the time is outside on the trail doing hands on training. The cost is still only $25, plus two nights accomodation. You won’t find a better deal anywhere! 

The club would like to significantly expand our trip schedule next year so please consider taking the course even if you only coordinate 1 trip. If we have 30 trip coordinators and each only coordinates 1 trip that’s a 30 trip schedule  :) .  You can coordinate any kind of trip you like including flower tours to advanced backpacks! Hope to see you there.  Contact Steve at steveirwin007@rocketmail.com or call 403 352 2468 for more information or to sign up

Trans-Canada Trail News

A new section of the Trans-Canada Trail has been built between Lacombe and Blackfalds. In Lacombe the trail starts at the research farm on the south end of the city. The trail then heads south through the picturesque Lacombe Lake area and ends on the outskirts of Blackfalds at the gravel extension of Broadway Ave. This new section of trail has not been paved as of the time of writing this article but I think it will be paved this fall. The lack of pavement is not stopping people from using the trail as I saw over a dozen people on the trail when the kids and I had a look at it on September 9th.  I am looking forward to pavement and biking this trail. It is possible to make your way through Blackfalds on roads, trails, and sidewalks then pick up the trail proper South of Highway 597 and cross the Blindman River on a walking bridge that is part of the trail. I am not sure where the trail goes from there as I have not gone any farther.
Philip Hoyle

​​Changes to the Club Constitution and By-Laws
posted April 12, 2015

At the Club meeting on Wednesday, April 8th a motion was put forward to amend the Club's Constitution and By-Laws  for the following  

3.)    3.) MEETINGS
The Club shall hold General and Executive Meetings in March, April and October.  The March General Meeting is reserved for the election of Executive Committee members.

The motion was passed and the Club's Constitution and By-Laws now read:

3.)    3.) MEETINGS
The Club shall hold General and Executive Meetings at year end to present the state of the Club and to elect new Executive members. Other meetings will be announced at the beginning of a new year and additional meetings may be called by the Executive at their discretion and need.